Mindful Life offers live and virtual workshops to boost resilience and well-being for school communities. Our faculty and parent options provide attendees with an introduction to the brain science and benefits of mindfulness as well as a toolbox of strategies that can be integrated into classrooms and homes immediately. All workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your community. We offer everything from 30 minute to full day options! 




"The toolbox of simple stress-resiliency solutions she gave to our staff is excellent, and months later, teachers continue to utilize her suggestions. I realized the impact that the presentation would have on our staff when a colleague turned to me and whispered: This is life-changing."


Assistance Principal

"This workshop introduced our faculty to mindfulness as a practice in a way that felt very relatable and accessible. This topic was unique in that it challenged us to think about the impact that stress has both at school & at home, & she gave us practical resources to help manage it in both. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Mindful Life in the future."


School Principal

"I was never taught a healthy way to deal with stress. I want to be more resilient & better at teaching my kids to be resilient. This workshop along with the MIndful Parenting course helped me bring skills & tools into my family that we can all use when we need to work through those tough, high emotion situations. Thank you!"


Parent of 3