Mindfulness is not a concept; it’s a practice. Jon Kabat Zinn

Our Mission

We provide as many children and adults as possible with simple solutions for our complicated lives.

Our Vision

We believe that all people deserve to learn the stress management skills that will help them flourish in today’s world, and we have created mindfulness programs to teach those skills.

Meet the Owner of Mindful Life 


As an educator with 30 years of experience as an elementary school classroom teacher and Instructional Coach, my background in mindfulness is extensive. Through Dr. Kristen Race’s online teacher course, mindfulness became a passion of mine both personally and professionally inside my classroom each year. 

Although my career was in the public school system, I am also an author, speaker, podcaster, boy mom and wife. I am lucky to now call Mindful Life my own with the hopes of bringing mindfulness to students, teachers, schools, parents, homes, and workplaces around the world. 

Meet the Founder


Over the course of my career, as a teacher,  psychologist,  parent,  public speaker, author, researcher and educational consultant through the pandemic, I’ve experienced every aspect of the stress and overwhelm that school communities are trying to navigate. 

And for the last 15 years I’ve relied on mindfulness, neuroscience, and small changes to navigate all of life’s challenges. These three pillars are at the core of all my talks and my programs. We’ve used these core principles to develop all of the Mindful Life curricula and  to train more than 100,000 education and business leaders across the globe.

Our Story

Mindful Life trains schools, teachers, parents, businesses, camps, youth sports teams and after-school programs in our brain-based mindfulness programs. We are a generation of stressed out parents raising a generation of stressed out kids. Our programs build resiliency to the stressors that our time-pressed, technology-driven, over-scheduled world presents.

Since 2009, Mindful Life has brought mindfulness to people all over the world. As we move into new ownership, our mission and vision remain the same. Reversing the effects of our hectic world is not as monumental of a task as it might seem. Research repeatedly demonstrates that small brain-based mindful habits lead to big stress-resilient results.

Our solutions
are derived from
brain science research.

Our tools are effective & our strategies are easy to implement into existing activities & schedules

Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate, creative and fun.

Our tips for adults &
kids are practical & customizable to different environments.