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What is Mindful Life?

In today's time-pressed, technology-driven, overly-scheduled world it can be challenging to have meaningful engagement with those around us. Mindful Life provides simple and easy to implement solutions that fit into the realities of modern life.

Mindful Life Programs:

  • Are rooted in the science of the brain
  • Integrate cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology with the field of mindfulness
  • Shows how the brain functions under different conditions
  • Provides insight into how to maximize attention span and focus
  • Is proven to help you become more resilient to the stress in your life

At Mindful Life we believe that small changes can make a big difference! From our programs for educators, to our executive workshops and our free family coaching newsletters, our mission is to provide brain-based mindfulness solutions to help us all become more resilient to the stress that modern life presents.

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About Kristen Race

A parent, teacher, and self-proclaimed "brain geek" Kristen Race, Ph.D. is the founder of Mindful Life and creator of our methods and programs.

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