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Integrate Mindfulness into Your School Community

What is the Mindful Life School Program?

The Mindful Life School Program is a comprehensive approach to integrating mindfulness skills and strategies into today’s classrooms. The program is sustainable, flexible and easy to implement, and integrates the entire school community. In addition, our program helps schools meet new achievement standards for emotional and social wellness as well as standards for comprehensive health through our movement based activities.

Sustainability: Through the weekly lesson plans, teachers develop skills in a mindfulness approach to the classroom. Teachers can continue to implement this approach even outside of the delivered curriculum, creating longevity and sustainability.

Flexibility: The Mindful Life School Program provides faculties and parents with skills to implement lessons and activities in a manner that fits their specific classroom needs and schedules.

Easy to Implement: Each activity takes approximately 1-5 minutes and requires little planning.  

Integration of Entire School Community: We know that practicing mindfulness skills benefits teachers as much as it benefits students. That is why it is critical for teachers to be full participants in the program. Through our training teachers learn how their participation in the program can help them reduce their own stress as they enjoy the benefits of the practice alongside their students.We also provide free family coaching to parents to reinforce mindfulness skills at home through our home reenforcement letters and our e-newsletters.

What is Included in the Mindful Life School Program?

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According to our research, when children participate in the Mindful Life Schools programs they demonstrate a significant increase in focused attention and emotional regulation. 

In addition, when teachers facilitate the program they demonstrate a significant decrease in their own level of stress. 

Research also shows parents of children who participate in the program also note a significant decrease in parent-related stress, indicating that the benefits of the program may be able to jump contexts. 

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